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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Terry Wogan

I keep postponing this but I really wanted to write about how I would makemy version of that Sony TV PC, but instead I will have to write about Sir Terry Wogan instead who's sadly passed away from cancer.

Unlike David Bowie, who never influenced me in the slightest,  I listened to a lot of radio growing up as well as TV.  His chat show always seemed to be on at 7pm growing up there's a clip on line where David Icke fresh from Ski Sunday declared himself the son of god, and Blankety Blank where he was the excellent stand in for Les Dawson.  I'll miss him taking the absolute living piss out of Eurovision even though I can't stand it, and I'll miss him on Points of View (the BBC's complaints department show) where he was the voice of authority.

Really though its Radio Two I seem to remember him most.  He had a show on Sunday's after Steve Wright's Love Songs but before Inane Paige and her interminable show tune atrocity exhibition.  I can remember it come Children in Need they would have an auction and people would be spend thousands on ersatz junk just for charity sparking the old adage for fools and money.  As you can tell I absolutely hate Children In Need so it came as much hilarity that the subtitles on Sky News hung in a most unfortunate spot, apparently Terry Wogan spent his time doing Children In before belatedly resuming with the word need.  Really droll, and I'm sure he would have approved.

He also did the morning breakfast slot which was highly regarded but to be honest I  never listened to that much, as I was normally at work when it was on and we normally listen to something else.

His Janet and John stories were the best from that and if you like your innuendo you'll know how far he could push it and that.  Farewell old guy we'll miss you.

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