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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Nightmare scheduling.

It looks like Channel 5 are going to host the new reboot of The X Files sometime in early February.  Given their penchant for showing utter shit (Celebrity Big Brother) I fully expect this to be shunted off in the graveyard slot, or, at least like 10pm which they've done for Gotham also a Fox product.  To be honest who cares about reality TV now its all bollocks, just manufactured arguments dissent and shouting.  Mind you its not just Channel 5 that are up to scheduling shenanigans, to watch the new series of Agents of Shield that's 9pm on E4 (and yes it used to be on a mainstream channel, Channel 4 are too busy rerunning Come Dine With Me for the nth time) and Endeavour the excellent Inspector Morse prequel you'll need to either take advantage of their plus 1 channel or watch the rerun on Channel 4 the Sunday after. 

I know there are several catch up services available such as Demand 5, 4OD, ITV's wretched ITV Player (just like regular ITV but with no downloads) and the mighty iPlayer from the BBC.  I think Sky do one but as I haven't watched Sky One since last year I don't care. 

A good documentary on BBC4 (Richard "Trilobite" Fortey's Natures Wonderland Islands Of Evolution) on Monday clashes with the reboot of Bones and there are probably more examples of this.  I'm guessing that is why Sky Plus services exist. 

I've wrecked a few of these boxes in my time, they generally have a decent sized hard drive in them and with the right tools and such you can extract all free to air stuff to your hard disk for viewing.  If you have anything from film channels or any non free to air I'm guessing you are screwed, I've never heard of Sky's Encryption being hacked, so anything like that won't show up.  If you have an external bay you can then format the drive and use it for storage which is nice.

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