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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Hypothetical Products:1 The PCTV.

 Children's Channel Watch.
Before we begin I'll just redirect you to some more located trailers and gubbins that I've found on Youtube, its some old continuity from the excellent Sid N's Youtube channel, who does a lot of that sort of thing.  In fact check it now, they have bits from Lifestyle TV including the Jokers Wild.

We will now begin with our feature presentation.

This idea all stems from an old Sony Vaio PC and TV combo that I've blogged about before.  Its a weird hybrid of early flat screen TV and desktop computer, shackled to a massively restrictive design that is a bastard to get into and no chance of adding any other OS apart from windows.  Its still a nightmare, the DVD drive takes nothing but CD's and the MS Pro port (for PSP cards) doesn't work.  Its not the oldest of these as Apple did a similar thing for an astronomical sum back in the 90's, grafted to a Sony TV of all things.

Indeed looking in the Argos catalogue today, I noticed that they still make them including this model from Lenovo complete with a strange amount of RAM.

How would I do it, something like this.

Numbers outlined Below.

I'm not going to lie to you, it will look an awful lot like an old CRT TV, that's been grafted to a Desktop PC.

Its not going to win any design awards but will be functional and unlike many of these beasts upgradeable.

Front display is a standard flatscreen monitor complete with on button 1.

Side display holds a Bluray/ DVD/CD combo (2) for all your media needs and there is a multi card reader and USB 3 slots x2 for all your data interface requirements.  

The Top Display holds a sliding panel (4) with effort allows the top and other side to slide off allowing you access to your internals for adding extra ram or bigger HD / Graphics cards and that.

The back display panel holds the important bits such as all of your networking and audio ports (5) more USB slots and some legacy slots (6) a PS2 slot for keyboards and old mice would be nice.  Finally the all important fan and PSU parts (7).

I haven't decided on what PC architecture the motherboard would house yet (them Skylakes look nice) or even decided on an OS (probably Win 10, but scalable back to Win7 or any flavour of Linux you like).  I'm sure it would be an accessible system that could do for years to come.  I do know it should have a decent sound card and WiFi networking alongside the customary Ethernet ports and regular outputs.

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