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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Piracy and lies.

There's an excellent article up on El reg about Bird Sister a Chinese crypto forum admin and her woes with the people reversing the Just Cause 3 installer and how in a few years if it continues that there will be no pirated games. 

As far as a lost sales go, I'm mixed about piracy for one thing they can hurt sales of smaller games and can make or break companies.  On the other hand all I use my PC for is Emulation, surfing the net and making stuff.  Emulation means I don't need to own games that cost a fortune to own on niche systems, weren't released in my language or simply never came out.  It also relies on pirates releasing cracks and reversing copy protection to make it work and that as well as all those dumping carts and discs instead of the hoarders and the ignorant.  Its not just the impoverished or  those from emerging markets that like piracy. 

I forsee an inverse version of the early years of cinema and TV where the tapes were scrubbed and gotten rid of to make way for new era.  Except its modern games that are at risk instead of all the old roms and such. 

If what they say does come to pass I'd love to see what excuses companies come up with why their major triple A title isn't selling as well as it should. Blame the resale market or anything that their games are over priced or simply not good enough.

I did do a brief moan on how piracy might save the PS Vita but apart from a few bits involving the email or Sony Development via Yifan Lu there hasn't been much, let alone stuff about dumping carts or ISO's.

As a final note I finally found Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness in the wild and snapped it up, its not bad but could do with a bigger font, oh and is overshadowed by its sequel on PSP as well.  I did the only thing I could, dumped it and ripped it to ISO to slap on my memory card.

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