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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Here am I shitting in a tin can

David Bowie's Dead. One of rocks greatest and all that, a real end of an era.  I've never cared about the Thin White Duke's music when he was alive, and owned bugger all that I have liked (I have Cat People on vinyl, which he did for the film with Giorgio Moroder and I don't rate it much).  Don't get me wrong I did admire the guy but just not for his music, mostly his reinvention and ability to shape shift persona throughout the years more than the rock and roll.

There is another milestone here too, I have written enough entries that you can, if you must, read one a day for the entire year or wait till next Sunday and have one for each leap year, my guess is begin with my  Freecorder diss and work your way down from there, come next January you'll be wading through old Junk Tour entries.  Anyway back to Ziggy Stardust.

All the stuff I've heard I've never really rated, Under Pressure with Queen, I've always thought of that as more of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.  Heroes reminds me of Aphex Twin and Phillip Glass version rather than Bowie himself.  Neukoln which is the first track I thought of as he died just makes me think of Miss Kittins Tribute Neukolln 2.

Even Starman and Major Tom Farting in a most peculiar way I know from Cassetteboy chopping it up for Parker Tapes.  The more I listen the more I find I prefer Bowie without Bowie, like those Garfield strips where they edit out Garfield and just have Jon talk to himself.

Ashes to Ashes, means to me an old cop show with Keeley Hawes same with Life on Mars but with Phillip Glenister instead. I'm sure if I didn't grow up listening to techno but Lets Dance instead I'd love all this but I find I can't get worked up. Omikron The Nomad Soul is probably the best thing he did along with maybe the Bowie drum n Bass tracks which used the same guy (thanks Discogs). Sound and Vision is something with 808 State or more likely their take on it kinda like their version of One In Ten from UB40. Yeah I only found out about this now scouring Discogs again.

Finally there's Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence the film where he played a p.o.w captain, he isn't in it but the song is cool.  Its done by Ryuichi Sakamoto from Y.M.O instead, who also starred in the film which says a whole lot.

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