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Sunday, 31 May 2015


So we finally got this to download and install.  Its an awful lot of work that for once was basically only a download code on a receipt.  We are down my aunts place in the country and decided to take advantage of her Wifi to do bits and pieces and install a few things on my Vita while I can.

I was going to write a massively long post about this being a bastard to do on PSN but once I worked out that my email had to be lower case then it was plain sailing from there.  Code was redeemed and the whole thing downloaded without a hitch.

If you have not guessed (or Googled this) already then I'll say one thing, this is a Jeff Minter game, if you aren't a big retro fan step away its not for you.  Loading this up and hearing some storming acid blaring out of a vector style title screen, you know this is going to be great.  Looking at the credits and seeing basically an old school ascii art of some sheep along with credits to Eugene Jarvis and Benoit Mandelbrot, I get the feeling this is what a rework of Llamatron or Ancipital would look like instead of another revision of Dave Theurers Tempest.

Music is another thing that they get right, whether its a full scale acid or hardcore or even some less frenetic house and trance tracks, there is a full credit listing for all music and a bandcamp page if you wish to buy it.

Of course this means nothing if the gameplay isn't that great and I can happily say that it is.  It gets hard, fast but that is part of the appeal, it will not hold your hand or make it easy its old school and fun.  You have to shoot everything that moves while moving round the grid, please make full use of the analogue nubs as it makes it easier (not much but it does) and collect the little plus signs for power ups.  You'll get a smart bomb, a better laser and an A.I droid that looks a lot like a pollen grain
under intense magnification. Worth the wait of me keeping hold of this,  a deserved 9 yaks out of 10.

Finally here is a few late round up articles,  EA are going to add women players to their popular yearly football cash cow, something I've wanted for ages.  I can only hope they'll be a lesbian equivalent of this previously homoerotic glitch. 
Also a bit of confirmation bias here but here is a bit on Liz Jones about teh Pr0n in the Fail on Sunday, if you've read here long enough then you'll know my stance on porno.

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