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Monday, 25 May 2015

I'll knock you up a GUI in Visual Basic

Its the last episode of CSI apparently.  Its true that both Miami and New York versions have long been cancelled (that's where the headings from) but after 15 seasons this is apparently the end of CSI.
You are apparently getting a TV movie with the CSI Cyber spin off with Patricia Arquette in it coming later on, but if you want anymore that's it.

Sad to see it go really but Channel 5 have really dicked it about, shifting it from its Tuesday time slot to a Saturday one at 10PM or later, luckily 5USA have been showing it at 9pm so its not too bad.  They previously showed CSI New York on Saturdays and always had Vegas on Tuesday's.

Seeing as its the last episode, I'll provide a biased review as it touches on a few of my pet likes.

Its part of the Gig Harbour killer storyline the final showdown if you will.  With Nick off to San Diego to be CSI boss there (reluctantly I might add) its up to Ted Danson to catch the killer.  Sadly he's now sporting some dodgy Rolf Harris beard and I keep wanting him to break out into a few of Rolf's catchphrases instead of mope about the lab.

If you ever liked the bit where they zoom into a grainy CCTV image and capture a pristine HD shot of a license plate from its reflection in a mirror will love this bit, they have a machine that takes vibrations from plants (and surrounding surfaces) and recreates the sounds in the room from these microvibrations.  Its supposed to catch what the pimp and the killers dad was saying, but to me they could have hired a lip reader to work out what he said.  

Previous to that though they have "Artemis Bloom" pollen on some home made rope as a lead.  Sadly I knew this to be further bollocks as soon as Hodges brought up a picture of a plant in question, cue a picture of a Matucana cactus possibly Aureifolia.  The killers dad was growing them in some shady old greenhouse out in the country, I'm pretty sure you could grow it outside in Nevada as its a Peruvian species and the two climates aren't that different.

In the end DB Russell got his man but at the expense of losing Finlay thanks to the killer and, Stokes left for San Diego.  To be honest I'll miss it.

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