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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Romford Junk Tour

This is an odd trip out for a number or reasons, firstly due to network (de)rail works, I couldn't go my normal route out on the District Line to Elm Park, but had to go via Canning Town and its a long old trip It was also the MCM Comic con at Excel centre so at least half of the train was already in cosplay mode and as I don't bring my phone with me out and about I'll have to describe what I saw with my own two eyes.

Highlights include:

Fat Batman. Not overweight or strange like something from say a Lousy Pandah cartoon but just tubby, he was with some tattooed anime ladies and as my love of anime died sometime mid 2003 I couldn't place them.

Joker in a wheelchair. Not the rather suave Jack Nicholson Joker, but the full on Mental Heath Ledger Version.  Basically its some special needs guy in whiteface and lipstick grin.  If you are going to be anyone and are disabled then Professor X surely.  Which leads us to.

X Men. Would you actually credit it I saw a disabled guy as  Charles Xavier along with a big guy as Beast, there was a Mystique with her too.  He looked completely cool as well.

Some Fat Ugly Cat Girls.  If you have ever seen modern Anime you will know this is a thing along with maids.  Now picture some Tumblr feminist types in full costumes with piercings and make up you'll see the revulsion creep in.

Old Mario and Luigi.  Basically some old guys dressed up as Mario and Luigi from the SMB games, kinda what they would look like now.

A few jailbait types in short skirts god knows how old and what character they came as and to be fair it didn't really matter.

Moving on the Age UK shop at Canning Town actually has a pretty good line up of  PS2 games for sale this for once does not include any Fifa games and I picked up Neo Geo Coliseum for £3 and passed on Okami and Crimson Sea 2 from Koei. I urge all East London Retro gamers to at least Check it out.

Romford was a bit of a disappointment, I did manage to pick up a book I've been wanting for ages but the centre was packed out with people queuing up to meet Joey Essex at a book signing (Yes he has a book out and you thought he couldn't write ;>) ).

Having a look at the phones in stock at Game and CEX I decided enough was enough and got the bus back to civilisation.

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