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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Junk Tour and android shenanigans

You probably have seen the last post about contacting Virgin Media, well they contacted me in the end shortly after I had come back from voting.  Offering a nice bait of 50 Meg Broadband and a free £5 phone chip chucked in that was simply too much for me and I literally bit their hand off asking for a sign up.  The chip came yesterday after I had gone out so was a nice surprise waiting for me when I got in.

We decided to look around Stratford before going on one of my well worn haunts to Walthamstow to see what could be had for around about the £100 mark for a used phone as quite frankly my work phone is a piece of shit.  Of course this rules out iPhone (the fact it needs iTunes and there's no emulators unless you hack it is the final nail in their overpriced coffin) and Blackberry (the TRS 80 of smart phones, no support, and what games there are aren't free, consider this when work switched phone providers, I didn't bother adding blackberry world to my phone).  It leaves Android which I kinda like seeing as everything gets ported there after a fashion and Windows phone (the new blackberry i.e third place and with little support go on M$ give 'em Xbox live games its the least you can do).

Poking around Cex and the likes is actually quite fun, Stratford has for sale in the tiny mall across from Westfield (never liked) a limited edition 20th anniversary PS4 yours for £1325.  There were a few Samsung smart watches for sale and a few of their flagship phones for around the £600 mark.  Apple had their iPhone 6 on sale too (its the horse sized Plus model not the normal one) with real gold trim for £650.  We did pick up Disgaea 3 for Vita but it turned out to be a bust as they shipped the sequel instead so we had to return it.

I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities which I'll have to research but Samsung S3 is now around the £100 mark, a mate of mine had one and he absolutely loves it, and the Blackbastard Z10 can sideload Android APKs (despite Blackberry being awful), finally I saw an Amazon Fire phone, which if its anything like amazon products it'll be full of Amazon rubbish you can't get rid of without rooting.  All I want really is a droid phone that calls rarely and plays apk files just like Bluestacks does.

Finally a few links and shouts out to end your day.

Want to see Nintendo's new employees brochure for 2015?

I know its the Daily Cunting Mirror but its an article about a Victor Lewis Smith phone prank on Princess Di and Stephen Hawkings. Also rerun of 1990 show on Radio 4 Extra.

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