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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dreams Can Come True.

So sang Gabrielle back in the 90's, if you haven't guessed this is kind of a follow up to the Plutarch debacle.  I have a bunch more Christian stuff get through and joy of joys found a pink DS thrown out a work to replace my much abused DS light with its cracked hinge and dodgy top screen.

The front of this is in with a bunch of other stuff waiting to be sorted out.
The front of this basically says do Dreams Come True? and as my knowledge of 17th century Scottish archbishops is woefully short, decided to have a little Google research trip.

As there is nothing online about the dream, we can speculate that this is an invention of the evangelist in question, more worryingly the real Archbishop Sharp was hardly a model Christian.

From what I can gather he was a kind of Jacobite era Peter Mandelson or Waylon Smithers, think lickspittle and you would be spot on. Here is a much more complete right up of his deeds if you want more as this goes into much more depth than Wikipedia.  But the potted version is this, he was one of the most hated Christians in the reformation and was dragged from his coach and murdered like the leaflet says.  
Apparently portrayed as a "devil" (Massive citation  required here) in modern day Scotland due to duplicity and brutality.

As a means of getting people to church its an odd one, I'm guessing what they are implying is that everything came true and that could happen to you.  Even if the dream never took place its of course much more satisfying to read about the real James Sharp than the fiction in the Bible.

In conclusion, its fun but this still remains my favourite bible card as its wrong on so many levels.

Is that the little guy from Rab C Nesbitt

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