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Sunday, 1 March 2015


This is a small post just to say that I managed to get PSP Emulator PPSSPP working.  Previously it hasn't supported anything I had and worse required an extra DLL to get working (which of course it didn't), but now they have a new version that also runs on DirectX.  Its not ideal and is less supported but it works, been playing Disgaea 2 and watching it fail to run Jeanne D'Arc.  Will have to try it out with Gradius Deluxe Pack and Persona 3 Portable to see if all the bugs are out of it.

Also learned that John Pilbeam is up for a RHS Medal, a Veitch award for outstanding contributions to horticulture which is cool. Didn't realise it until it was club night and they said that he was up for an award. Incidentally its probably the first time any cactus guy has made the list so double congratulations here.

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