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Sunday, 1 February 2015

More computer Ideas.

Had this idea for awhile seeing as the found laptop I had is a total bust, and it goes something like this.

Its a bit of a hark back to the old days of computing this, but the weakest part of the laptop is of course the screen and whatever it uses to join to the main base unit.  It gets knocked and maltreated and before long its damaged often beyond repair. My idea is to make the screen optional, kind of like the Surface from Microsoft but not obviously a touch screen, unless of course you want that.

People seem to have either smart phones, tablets or big screen TV's that make would excellent replacement screens without you requiring an actual attached screen.  I'm not sure how or indeed if you can use a tablet as an external screen but most modern TVs can be put to use as an external screen thanks to modern displays (and appropriate cabling).  I'd love to see some modern day PC riffing off the old Amiga and ST of just a base unit but being light enough to carry round in a bag.

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