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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Short Update.

Sad news seems that That'z Entertainment in Romford is no more? They were a pretty decent game place and one of the few indies left in London. They used to do import games for PSP ( Picked up Jeanne D'arc as well as a few other obscure games too) as well as retro and card game stuff.  Went in the weekend and found that the small shop that they had had become a place selling sweets and drinks, sort of like a bespoke corner shop.  Don't know if they moved or what but they were cool.

Also finally got small laptop drive working in a shonky 2.5 external bay and had a browse through its contents.  Kinda know the guy who owned the laptop and feel really bad about rooting through a few bits to jailbreak an Iphone being the more interesting things there.  On the photo side there are a lot of pictures from Seaworld and a shot of a Grackle (we think) before linux started acting up.

Grackle Right?

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