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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Junk Tour 2015

Been revisiting some old haunts with a brief trip to Walthamstow and the West End, with a feast of CD's and vinyl that didn't disappoint.  I was initially going to postpone this trip for next weeks Chinese new year, but its also a club night on the wednesday and I would rather conserve my ticket.  So decided to go out and see if I could get at least the Persona 5 issue of  Famitsu as well as a poke around some old haunts.

First of all Walthamstow doesn't change (except that there is now a whacking great Odeon cinema being built at the end of the market) its still a melting pot of every kind of race and culture and its charity shops still come up trumps when it comes to music. CD wise alone I picked up Steel Erector By Jodey Kendrick and a Cat Power CD (has Crossbones Style) which is worth the price I paid alone.
The downside is Volcano! paperwork which is OK if you really like pisspoor indie pop but as I don't its going straight back.  A few vinyl releases of note is a Double Trouble Megamix with Renegade Soundwave mixes on the flip side should be good and a Calypso / Soca release called Bumsy (Val Adams) which is a really funny word.

Decided  to go up town and as there wasn't a bus direct decided to go via the tube and as I boarded the train I noticed a beanie hat.  Decided to grab this as I've grown attached to the one I have at work and as its got no branding will be ideal to wear out.  I didn't quite get my Persona 5 issue of  Famitsu, it was a toss up between a SaGa anniversary issue or one with new details on Disgaea 5 both of which are my absolute faves.   Walking down by the old Leisure Casino site I saw anonymous out protesting against Scientology, they had a sign out saying that Scientology is bad mmmkay which was cool.

Also as a last resort tried to find the manga shop I saw once (and was convinced it's some kind of  Brigadoon) stumbled upon a brand new arcade deep in the gay heart of Soho. Its called Las Vegas Casino and while upstairs has a few Pin tables didn't realize that there was a proper arcade downstairs.  Spent a few credits on Gunbird 2 and Espgaluda as well as noting that Codemasters (the Dizzy people) have an arcade game out.  Its Called GRID and its published by Sega and comes in a massive car cab. Personally I'd have gone for a cocktail cab version of  Fast Food but there you go.

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