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Sunday, 20 April 2014

C@nt, Phlapps and Mutley

Happy Easter everyone, do hope you've been enjoying your day I've spent mine sodding about with Linux mint and getting it to recognise my dongle (fwoo fwoo) so I can use WiFi.  (Short answer, Once I'd found the WEP key underneath the router it went plain sailing  though I was so far away from said router its not really worth it, two bars at best.) I'm at my aunts place in suffolk and Mint is running from an old Dell desktop from about 10 years ago so getting closer isn't really an option, so I'm writing this from the horrible laptop instead

This isn't why I'm here of course, I'm here to tell you all about a kickstarter project that is close to my heart.
Apparentlyone of the test pressings of an abandoned Caustic Window LP have resurfaced in a sale post on Discogs. Its been removed now, but there is a kickstarter made to have it turned into digital files for backers of the kickstarter plan.  Currently if you pledge £10 or about $16.50 you will get a high quality set of digital tracks from the abandoned album. Popular IDM forum WATTM have managed to gain one off licensing rights from Rephlex records so everything is above board and legal.  I'm really tempted to go with this not only because they have upped the original limitation from 500 to unlimited, but the initial target has been reached 5 times over (at time of writing this) so is definitely on.

To be honest a couple of tracks have already popped up on compilations.  Cunt appeared on Trance Europe express 3 along with UZiq's Roy Castle and Phlapps was part of a anti Criminal Justice bill compilation. Like I say I don't have the comp to hand and the books were so shoddily put together that I can't confirm if it was mentioned as unreleased or not (pretty sure they don't mention this, or anything about Caustic Window at all), I don't have the comp that Phlapps came from so can't vouch for it, but Cunt is a pretty tough ass acid track.  Mutley seems to be only known from live sets at the moment (hope its on here) 

Finally xltronic used to have a load of fan mixes of aphex twin tracks about 2004, can remember listening to these via AOL and their shitty Real Audio player waiting for the bastards to buffer (was on dial up til 2009) only a few of these have been surfaced so far (The Celine version of Flim I have only because it was put up on Youtube, but there was mixes of IZUS as well in a similar vein).

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