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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Eulogy for a hero. An Obituary for a nobody

There has been a lot of famous people dying recently some I've absolutely respected and some I've hated with a vengeance.  Here is a brief profile of  some of the recently deceased with varying amounts of deference shown.

Sue Townsend.

She was the authour of  the incredibly tedious Adrian Mole novels, about a kid going through adolescence in the 1980s and suffering an unrequited crush on his classmate Pandora, though he never got anywhere with her IIRC.
There was a much better tv show based on the novels but for most of the point along with William Shatners Tekwar and Steven Alterns Maya series are among the worst things I've ever read.

The BBC made a tv series out of it in the 1980's which you can see here if you really want to.  It has a nice signature tune and opening intro which I had forgotten all about until I'd clicked on it.  That's really all I wanted to say about it.

Peaches Geldof.

I can remember dad coming down to tell my mum that Peaches Geldof had snuffed it in strange circumstances.  She was famous for being someones daughter and if that sounds callous well it is.  I never really liked her all that much. She had a nice body, but ruined it with some crappy tattoos (that daisy chain in particular), and did the whole celebrity thing of giving her kids funny names.  I know I should care more but don't.

Ultimate Warrior.

To be honest, I thought he died a long time ago.  Playground rumour had it that he had aids back in the early 90's and when I heard about him shuffling this mortal coil I was really shocked.  Wrestling was a big deal here in the early 90's and although I've never given a damn about the sport I can remember him from stickers on my maths book.

Frankie Knuckles

Listening to pirate radio in the van when the dj says he will play a Frankie Knuckles track in tribute at the top of the hour. Jokingly I said what is he dead or something...  Turns out he was.  Of all the people here this is the one I was cut up about the most.  His was one of the first house tracks  I heard back when I was a kid in 1988 - 1989 (Baby wants to ride with Jamie Principle), along with Ron Hardy and Larry Levan who I would later learn about, they were where it all began, when house moved out of disco with re edits in gay clubs in the early 80's.

It comes to something when there wasn't any news on this from kiss fm which is semi permanent in the van and common room at work unless I change it to Magic or Heart.  Previously they've reported the death of another old house legend Armando back in 1997 but modern Kiss is all about the rap and the Euro trash, not the real house.  Incidentally none of the mainstream press reported this in their print editions either but we all know their bias towards dance music.

For the final word on this here is veteran DJ Leonard Remix Rroy's eloquent take on the whole thing .

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