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Sunday, 7 July 2013

The back end of nothingness

By the time you read this I'll be dead..... of boredom.  Its Wimboredom final and by the time this is up then Andy Murray will either be the greatest ever living Briton or Scotlands answer to Jimmy White.  Not that I'll be sitting watching at all.

Oh and serious note now I've mentioned snooker our thoughts go out to Ali Carter who's currently undergoing treatment for testicular cancer.  Best of luck and hope that they caught it early enough to be treatable.

TV the End.

This is the final bit from holiday TV and is really just a small thing about which had a channel but through googling turned out to be an Android Spambox for games and viewing and I suppose Media.

Spanish Speakers / Hablamos Espanol Aqui Para Informacion.

I also found out the real name for a clip from a mystery kids show I've had on my YT channel for ages.  Its from M.I.C a sort of catalan version of Morph, though this came from  a shop that had toys for sale as well as DVDs.  Maybe one of these days I'll come across some Stories without words stuff.

Bugging and Lawrence.

I can't really care anymore about what our clouseauesque cops got up to in the 1990s, regarding phone taps and surveillance of suspects, however Doreen Lawrence has gone up in my estimation as its emerged that she banned the ANL and Trotskyists from marching after Stephens death.  Oh and for more background information Anorak has some more nice info here regarding the case.


Better news now as this came out over the weekend. It lasted for all of Friday afternoon before fading.

This was one of my neighbours plants that I inherited when he died.  Opuntias are known for being tricky to flower in the UK as they require room to mature and bulk up in size before they are mature enough to bloom.  Coupled with the fact that they are vicious bastards with easily detachable spines and joint stems, you'll see why this is an event and a big one at that.

I first noticed the bud coming back after holiday and while excited didn't really expect it to do much.  However this weekends scorching temperatures must have been enough to get it to flower.

I'll see if there will be any fruit formed from this but to be honest I'm not hoping for much.

Finally clearing out a cupboard we found this which we brought back from our first trip to Mallorca back in 1993.  Going to see what I can find out about this.

Complete with copier adverts.

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