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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hornchurch Junk Tour.

For the first time in ages I got to do a junk tour.  We normally head toward Romford or Walthamstow both places that have proven lucky in the past, this time though we decided to go off the beaten track. 

First of all though I've been to Hornchurch before its not really to look around and mainly for a nature walk around Elm Park which lovely though it is is in the totally opposite direction.  What I did notice from these ramblings of mine was a load of charity shops in the main town.  This is where we started.

I'm not kidding either there are something like 6 - 7 shops for such a small town, including a Sue Ryder and a St Francis Hospice.  Oh and for some reason when I went they decided it would me music day, so not only was there a pub with a live PA and a shouting clown, they had  a few bands out side the shops including an old man singing I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts for that extra surreal sensation. 

Transport links.
Hornchurch tube station is about a quarter mile outside town so beware of that if you are not used to walking or a just fat and lazy.  Thanks to planned engineering works I had to catch a train at West Ham instead of the tube and change at Barking to catch the tube onward.  Although in hindsight getting off at Upminster would have been better.  Fun fact:  Upminster is a place I was fascinated with as a child as well as Central Line stop Theydon Bois, sadly I've never been to either. Anyway back to the finds.

I managed to snag a few good books here too. We got Superfreakonomics and a Gary Larson anthology both highly recommeded especially if you have a fetish for cows in 60's glasses or odd economics (why is a $2 brass like Father Christmas*).  We also spied some non armada Hardy Boys Detective stories which I would have had if I didn't already have them.

But most strange of all we got a few games, they had a lot of PS1 titles and were pretty sure its where PS1 games go to die.  Along with the inevitable stack of  *FIFAs they had Pro Pinball the Fantastic Journey for just a pound, haven't tested it in EPSXE yet but shouldn't cause too many problems.  Finally we decided to have a nose around Romford and was overjoyed that nearly every bus went there.

Oxfam in Romford is a great place to buy CDs and we got the excellent Global Communication 76:14 and the not so excellent Sharon Stoned Sample & Hold album (despite it looking like it was all electronic its just a nancy boy Indie pop record). Plus some old Soma releases (Percy X) and that was the makings of a grand day out.

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