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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Heroes In a halfshell.

Been staying with my aunt for a bit as my cousins daughter is down from Scotland so excuse me if I come across all loved up like a wuss. I've talked about her before here and is about the closest thing I have to a soul mate / daughter never had, with a staggering amount of things in common we share.   Anyway we got talking over the laptop and she showed me the Turtles Wikia page via as she likes the new TMNT series, and I talked about my love of the old show and how the Turtles arcade game was a big draw before the Streetfighter boom.   I may have done how Sky did it back then but along with the Lensman and Robotech these were the really greatest shows on their long forgotten Premiere movie channel, they were bought by the BBC and they became the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Every now and then they fish out a massive terrapin thats been terrorising the lake fauna at some backwater pond and its blamed on the Ninja Turtle craze.

We got round to favourites, she liked Usagi Yojimbo, the samurai rabbit, I had a thing for Baxter Stockman the hideously mutated fly guy and she showed me what he is now, and its not good.  I loved the campy old designs there was just something about Baxter a foreveralone with a bugs head, now hes young, Cybernetic and... black.   We had a short discussion on the rest of the shows she really didn't like Gennosuke Usagis friend and I said he looked like Bebop the Rhino from the old shows. 

Most of my time I've been showing her some stuff, she drew the line at Dr Rabbit is a Racist the classic Waxinator poop and also disdained Protomans theme from Megaman 3 (we watched the cartoon in English for the first time as previously I'd only seen a German dub).  I also spent an enjoyable saturday laughing at silly names on Animal Planet with her, my favourite: Randy Farmer, worked for the Houston SPCA turned out to be an actual farmer for bonus lols.  Oh and winding her up about puppies vs zombies (babies) a really lazily put together show with tat from youtube.

Teenage feline Turtle Watchers.
Finally we'll leave you with a bonus snap from holiday as its sort of Turtle related. Some adorable strays looking over the animals (and wondering if theres room to make a meal of one)

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