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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Nonce Sense = no sense.

One of the most soul destroying things about reading the Daily Mail, isn't reading about Kate Middletons pregnancy or any other aspect of her overprivileged life but the campaign bits that sometimes arise. 

Be it to stop various things like the EU or plastic bags, but mainly its to get rid of pornography and put all pornoviewers into some sort of death camp where they cannot taint the regular populace (subs please check), oh and to stop "children" from watching porn online. 

Looking over the campaign from the beginning its morphed from getting David Cameron to offer in an opt out clause on all ISPs, to getting Google (and they really have it in for Google) to banish Paedophilia from the net and drive it onto some god forsaken TOR portal where it can be cut loose from normal viewing (which of course it already is).

Reading the comments there is an eye opener, as most do not want a block on Porn (even one that has been conflated up to Child Porn which by default is banned in most countries worldwide) and equate it with a short step to censorship.  Even the Daily Mail, where this shit started, is basically telling him to keep his own house in order before sorting this out and that its an unworkable prospect.  

I've wanted to do a piece on this for a long while and thanks to some high profile cases in the media, that say that if you watch bent ref media online or offline you'll go out and commit an noncecrime nows my chance.  I don't know if its true or not, I'd love to know what kind of research was done on this because what I'm hearing sounds like the old one about "Grandfather smoking 20 a day and living to his 80's and not got cancer" style anectdote rather than some peer researched paper on a control group of paedophiles living in the community. 

I don't know about other paedo stuff having no knowledge of that world but I will say this a lot of people are technically buntymen now (myself included) and its all due to the tabloids. 

Cue Linsey Dawn McKenzies Sunday Sport Debut.
"As McKenzie approached her 16th birthday, the Sunday Sport tabloid newspaper expressed an interest in turning her topless debut into a media event. Throughout June and July 1994, it published provocative pictures of McKenzie, touting her 34GG bra size and counting down the days until it could legally show her topless."

Or would you prefer Sam Fox
 "In 1983, at the age of 16, she began her modelling career on Page Three of The Sun".

Yeah back in the 80's and 90's you could quite legally see what we would call *child porn in the red tops and there was not a peep from anyone.  In fact that is banned by law now, just goes to show how attitiudes change.

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