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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Atlus, Mitchell and More

Hello its been quite a while since I've added a round up of stuff but there is so much to talk about that its unreal (bro). 

Cousins on facebook.

You may have heard me talk about my cousins here and that, often in exalted tones, that we share a lot in common and they're gifted, but that really is just the girls.  In reality my cousins had 4 kids each and the majority of them are sons.  I'm not saying that they are all unpromising dullards or junior thugs, if I'm going by facebook posts (and really you shouldn't go by facebook posts) then damn I thought we were smarter than this. 

It all stemmed from monday going through my pictures and finding some comments I'd missed by my cousins eldest.  He wasn't a mate so we did the honourable thing and sent a request, only for him to reply who are you are you gay?.  The rest descended into cavespeak / textspeak which I'm pretty sure is untranslatable.
So we gave him the heads up in words he could understand, i.e. your mum was my cousin, and your nan was my mums sister.   I got a request but with the words I still don't know who you are.   Thick cunt.


For sheer completeness we have a video review now up on youtube, Short version for those with tiny attention spans, if you have an offline PC (say an old XP box you don't use) its still probably not worth the hassle of downloading.
You can watch it here in all its silent glory.

Double Wings.

Thanks to haze this bizarre little Raidenesque shmup is now (more) playable in MAME.  Why does this get a mention here, because it was one of the first things I ever played in a pub.  I was 17 and along with several 6th form mates we used to go out on a saturday night to the Director General pub.  After a few, we had some cash to play the few cabs they had there, including this with its toucan in a flying helmet  a gambling version of tetris and an Addams family pinball (the greatest pin of all time).  I'd long forgotten about it untill I saw it up on there in all its emulated glory.

Oh and finally in this highly schizophrenic post how about a list of all? the mobile phone game spin offs of the
Shin Megami Tensei series.

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