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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Come on Black 'Wizerd'

Just thought I'd leave that with you, as its the only story bit in Spin pair and its the insane final battle against the black 'Wizerd'.

Our first story is to do with Nintendo coming all copyright cunt with longplayers and such on Youtube.  Our main bearorbust channel on has its fair share of problems including a strike against us for going too far with TOWIE, and we got a third party claim from the Big N on a ROM corruption video involving Mario so I'm no stranger to copyright cunts.  Lets face it if you repurpose found media for what ever purpose, you'll get these claims (unless you use PD stuff of course or ask permission if its a person rather than a corporation). 

To be honest I don't care about lets play or stuff like that and Nintendo are being rather gracious in letting the videos remain, I remember Sega being really cunty over Shining Force Feather blocking channels and the like so count yourself lucky.  In fact if ads on Youtube bother you that much grab adblock or any of its forks and you won't see any ads on Youtube or elsewhere for that matter (some porn sites moan but hey if they do they are not worth your time).

The second thing and this is related is that I'm working on a graphic hack of Donkey Kong Math (and no there's no room for an S at the end either).  Repurposed to use the characters from PG Tips it involves Monkey and Al solving maths problems while in the jungle.  Most of the graphics are done, Monkey being an absolute bastard as he has a couple of frames of animation and we've still to convert Kong into Al.  Originally we were going to use either an old 8bit bootleg as inspiration then 80s kids book heroes Bangers and Mash, but this idea only took of when doing the title screen.   

There is so little space and without extensive hacking (like division I don't get code at all) the tiles used would need something short, so it would not be awful at all.  Hence I give you PG Sums.

An old clip things look much better now

Pure sum mode still old though.

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