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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Romford Junk tour.

You'll get two for one today. This is a short junk trip to Romford done yesterday.  Its tone really doesn't fit in with the previous post being more light hearted than the other and rather than flick between the two I've decided to split these up.

Taking the docklands was rather more surreal than usual, thanks to Comic Con at Excel. They had some germans dressed up as anime characters, some kid with dyed grey hair and her pal in a pink apron that I could'nt place the anime.  Getting off at Canning town they had a Pikachu, Luffy D Monkey and a Riddler as well as supergirl, best of all was some guy dressed as Kiba Inuzuka complete with dog puppet very cool.

Anyway our trip out managed to snag some nice things, a picture disc of Vic Reeves Born free along with an Alter Ego Album (Acid Junkies) and a very nice Harthouse compilation.

On the way home we saw a fat blonde Totoro and a few of the others from before, all in all a nice day out.  

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