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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Various stuffs

We have been down to my aunts place in suffolk so this is a rather late and very belated issue of King Tibbet.  We've been using her laptop and its rubbish trackpad to contol instead of a good old mouse pointer.  Not good. On the plus side I did sort out her connection issues for her, so now she can use her old PC as well to surf the internets.  OK on with the show.

Ports fulfilled: sort of.

Looks like someone has made a neon parody version of COD. Its called CoD of Duty and can be found here.  It has over the top neon colours, a ridiculous premise, and looks to be a barrel of fish (fun).

PSP Watch.

We picked up Gradius Generations from CEX in Lowestoft for the princely sum of £15. Something I thought remained in Japan along with Twinbee Pack, Parodius pack and the Salamander compilation.  So far we've only looked at it briefly, and not started any of the games, but it looks promising.  It holds Gradius, Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou, Gradius 3, Gradius 4 and Gradius Gaiden.  I'm not sure if its scarce or what but like I said this is something I've never seen outside the Japanese Portable releases in the old Game Focus shop in Goodge Street (now defunct).

Romancing SaGa 3 Gets a Spanish Translation.

For those that Hablo Espanol, there is a patch out for Romancing SaGa 3 on the SNES.  Its by Magno and can be gotten either from or Magno's page. He's also promised an English Retranslation of the original, which is nice.

Flashcart works.

We finally got our gear together and downloaded the proper firmware for our labelless but entirely legitimate R4i.  Turns out it required the newer non 3DS firmware rather than the old ones.  We may get stuff not released in a billion years here along with any good homebrew, or overpriced Nintendo stuff like Pokemon. 

Currently we are looking for a Tetris the Grandmaster clone for DS that was made and received a cease and desist order from Arika.  A shame as it was by all accounts excellent.

Finally if you like to read and want to know the highlights of MAME development (with a side order of MESS updates thrown in) you can go here to read David Haywoods a year in MAME.  Put aside a comfy chair because this is long.

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