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Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Blood.

We've had a clear out of the links section to the side of this blog (its in the role call of heroes section).  We have kicked out links to the World Of Stuart as the main site has been dormant since 2010 and the forum has ground to a halt. Stu mainly writes on scots politics now so even Wosland is sporadically updated. If you still have a yen for all things Scottish and especially of a left wing / pro independece leaning then this will be right up your alley.

Which means we bring in 3 fresh new sites to take its place.

People love a picture no matter how irrelavent
First up is Sufami thoughts a game website that reviews bizarre import Super Famicom titles.  Its really well done, so take a look if you remember half page reviews of import games in Superplay. And fingers crossed that they'll look at Syo the seal (Shonen Ashibe) some point in the future.

Second up is the Shit London site.  Looking at all the temporary things that infest our capital be it, misspelt signs, crap ads or hoardings, Graffiti and especially knobs drawn on  things or just weird stuff in general.  We picked up the book last week and liked it so this gets a link.

Finally last but not least is Scarfolk Council, a place somewhere in England, that thanks to witchcraft, is stuck in a loop in the 1970's.  Utterly strange and with mocked up public information awareness posters and the like reminds me of the much missed Framley Examiner website

Oh and judging by the comments those cunts at Applian have made Freecorder even more evil adding in a trojan into the bargain now like I say stay the hell away. 

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