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Sunday, 17 February 2013

2oo, 2OO, 200, We made it to 2Oo.

Well this is our 200th post and before we get down to business I'd like to say thanks to all our viewers. 

Mostly you're here to complain about Freecorder and read our Xmas review of the year, but I hope at least some of you are tuning in for other stuff (even if it does not have many nice pictures like all the other blogs).
Anyway we have another disparate junk tour for you today.  This time we're back at Camden and have a brief pit stop at Ilford.


Camden is the best for thrift stuff.  There are a good few chains of Charity shops with an unending stream of worthy types giving away stuff and more importantly it has a chain of Music and Record Exchange which means it gets the cast offs from them as well as stuff from your more normal punter.

Case In point.  We managed to pick up albums by Like A Tim and Autechre and this is from a charity shop rather than some boutique record store.  Which goes to show you the power of Camden and their Middle class socialism centered outlook. 

You aren't here for the good stuff you want to know the absolute junk we got, and this doesn't disappoint. We picked up three tapes from a shop that billed itself as a Charity shop but has no overall charity it gives to.
It has a shed load of CDS and Vinyl as well as a small box of tapes.  After I had picked out some goodies and started looking fruitlessly through the vinyl an Irish Tramp came in and tipped up the whole box and began searching through the whole lot, even inquiring if they had anymore out the back.  Anyway we got...

Arvo Part. Tabula Rasa.

Not junk and certainly an aberration in classical music in that it is not readily pigeon holed into 3 catergories.
Advert music, rubbish that sounds like silent movie Music, and Unlistenable modernist rubbish.

In fact the best thing about this is that it was genuinely affecting, and full of emotion either that or I was knackered after a long day.  This is considered a highlight of the trip.

Nix Mix.

This is just a plain tape with a lot of acid jazz and old soul on it. Think Brand New Heavies and Incognito and you'll know what I'm talking about, its neither good nor bad just average.

Hypnotherapy Tape.

This is the real gold.  A tape of a hypnotherapist who sounds alternately gormless and creepy, complete with drops in audio and noise from being too close to the mic.  Its rather funny.


These are the biggest scalpers going in the business, and consequently where I spent the most cash, we picked up a few records here including the aforementioned Like A Tim album and a few singles including Spectre dub a collaboration between The Orb and Manasseh.   We were also invited upstairs to check out more vinyl by the shop clerk which we readily did.  They have more books and a load more records  to check out.  The best thing I saw but didn't get was a graffitied version of Vanilla Ice's album with a speech bubble of him saying I suck Satans cock.  Someone obviously had a sense of humour and I'm a big enough Bill Hicks fan to get the reference.


There isn't much here but it did see the bizarre return of Japanese Saturn games in incongruous settings.  This time it was the turn of both the Dreamcast and Saturn versions of the Tomb Raider franchise.  Which is unsettling to say the least.  One of these days I'm going to turn up in one out of the way borough and find a lone copy of Radiant Silvergun or some such rarity up on the shelves (knowing my luck in Oxfam for £100).

We did  pick up Sounds of the Sea a flexidisc / Childrens book hybrid narrated by Michael Aspel and is some sort of promotional item for Ribena.  If you're a fan of Mr Scruff samples of this turned up on Ahoy There the last track on Trouser Jazz. Apart from that and the fact that they had a PS2 network disc in the local thief converters meant it was a good day out.

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