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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Round Up Show 2013 edition.

So I had my rotten tooth out.  It wasn't as bad as I imagined, and took all of 20 minutes to do.  They gave us a list of does and don'ts, (don't drink booze, don't lay down till bleeding stops and don't poke the sore area untill bleeding stops).  It feels really weird you can hear the cracking as my dentist removes the tooth and showed the blood covered roots as well as the massive cavity in the top as well. 

Sunday Funday Hacking.
As well as that I have been poking back at the Wisdom tree games more specifically Sunday Funday.  We never touched on Sunday funday at the time but its like nearly all Wisdom Tree games a compilation of woeful crap.  Sunday Funday is a hack of Color Dreams Menace Beach, and sees you battling school bullies and clowns enroute to Sunday School.  Its subpar but not without its moments.

Fish Fall is stuffed with Bible verses and from the text found in rom seems to have an octopus themed boss.
 You grab fish with the palm of your hand and lob them into a basket avoiding other stuff like electric eels and wandering birds.  Its not bad but the fish do not look very fish like, rather they kind of look like condoms, condoms that you can grab with a giant hand and toss into a basket.

The third part is a rubbish Christian rock song by 4Him (and not Foreskin) called The Ride.  It acts as a karaoke and lets you sing along with the lyrics printed on screen.

Why am I telling you all this, because when I loaded the rom up in a Hex Editor, the entire game script was there and replacing some words with swears the game didn't crash once.

Go condom fish.
Sync step to the be R4

We recently found at work a DS flash card.  We wondered what it was, for a good 10 minutes before coming to the conclusion its an R4.  So far we have no luck adding Firmware to it, it came without a MicroSD card and crucially a label on the front to tell us what kind it was, it has Alex Rider Stormbreaker as its proxy ID image (so your DS doesn't reject it out of hand as I've learned).

But that is as far as I've got, crucially my DS (an old DS lite with a janky hinge) is probably old enough for the firmware not to be an issue.  So its probably an idea to shop around for versions of R4 firmware, or just check to see what firmware I have before diving in and upgrading it.

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