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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Eltham Junk Tour

Its been awhile since I've given you one of these, thanks to the cold weather (would you believe there would be snow in winter!) and few chances to go it alone, there has been little in the way of junk trips untill now.
Normally we give you a round up from somewhere over the river but, this is a tour firmly focused south of the Thames.

First some info, Eltham is one of those places that is inconvenient to get to by bus, I don't drive and it takes two buses to get in even though its relatively close, its just never had the links to the where I live.  Also Eltham is rather humdrum, apart from Poundland and a 99P store there are no real major retailers here just a few of the big supermarket chains, and a really tiny Smiths.  From previous trips there, they did have an Our Price and a really weird corner shop that sold video games as well as the usual stuff.  We remember it sold Jaguar stuff and some SNES things on the side but that has long gone.

It also has a shed load of charity shops which is the focus of our trip.  Our first port of call was the British Hate (Heart) Foundation, with a mix of stuff, mainly charity shop staples such as old Classical and Max Ingraves they also had some new stuff we managed to grab some early Adamski which is always nice to find.
Eltham Palace is possibly theonly reason you'd go to Eltham.

We had a good look in Game and picked up an excellent guide to Nintendo toys running from 1889 to 1980 it covers the pre gaming Nintendo (some arcade releases just scrape in) for £15.  If you want more and can't afford that the excellent beforemario blog is a good place to start.

Our final trip is down to Well hall for a brief look in to the Cats Protection place. Where they had some more neat stuff, including the Orbs remix of Lisa Stansfield and Grooveriders take on Isotoniks Different Strokes, which we happily snapped up (single sided on FFRR fact fans).  Overall it was good trip, and maybe it'll take more than a few years to get me back there again.

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