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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Smash Hits Keyboard

This doesn't really merit a Sunday Update so here is a few bits and pieces we've found out about this table hooter.

I'm pretty sure from looking online (and in the Argos catalogue) that this is a rebadged version of an Acoustic Solution synth. Specifically the mid range version

Boasting 100 instruments and rhythms but in reality has only 29 instruments, the others double and triple up for other instruments.  I doubt this could be due to mine being found rather than bought as it seems to be present on all of them.  Its a little sketchy when playing either vibrato or sustain and has a nice range of drums with it. 

Not too bad, there is  a few favourites on here such as a nice chiptunesque Square Wave, a string ensemble and a shamisen.  I'm not into circuit bending so I couldn't tell you what the insides look like or where to solder, but if you want to sample it there is an out port at the back, (we're using a usb audio grabber and it fits there).  We'll add some samples on our mediafire account when we have the whole lot done, and if we can work it out make a soundfont from them.
But so far don't hold your breath anytime soon.

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