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Sunday, 24 April 2011

4 Posts of Extreme Excellence.

The whole idea of this was to post over the 4 days of the Easter Holidays but as you can see this is Easter Sunday and you'll have to sit tight for a massive update.

Good Friday.
We took a trip to Polhill Garden centre.  on the promise that,  A. there would be animals and B. it would be a nice day out.   Animal wise they had sheep, assorted bunnies and chicken chicks.  Oh and a sheepdog that had to be hosed down due to the heat. 

Polhill isn't half bad, it does pretty much anything you want for a garden and as a bonus it has one heck of a farm shop.    They cover most of the usual stuff such as locally grown produce and cakes and also take in other stuff including for a teetotaller such as me, premium soft drinks.  They have a range of Fentimans drinks for about £1.50 (we had a Rose Lemonade which was unexpectedly nice), as well as other bespoke and artisan brands of food and drink.  They also had a range of cacti which wasn't entirely awful, mainly Eriosyce, Mammilaria, Gymnocalycium and what I ended up buying, a Parodia which I thought was Magnifica but with a pink stigma (Magnifica flowers are all yellow from the pics I've seen.) Turns out its Buiningii from the photos labelled.

St Georges day.

Our local pub actually had bunting out for celebrating St Georges day.  Entirely laudable in their aim we thought it was cool that they actually thought of the English for a change.  Big up everyone elses national day if you like but remember to defend your own with as much vigour, when it comes down to it.

Anyway this is one of two bootsales we went to, an overland trek to Charlton Meridian and one that never fails to shock with its mix of pirate and the knock off.   Worryingly we got a PS2 network adaptor and coupled with a few spare hard drives that we accumulated over the years we set about the task of getting it to work on our modded PS2.  (The one supplied didn't really fit but was an old 80GB miles larger than what I have) (17GB).  Coupled with Virgin Vinyl from some dude punting records out for 10p, we got Parents don't understand  Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff (remember when the DJ was an integral part of every rappers act) and Coming From Tha D a sampler from an Intuit-Solar CD collection (has Dopplereffekt so it comes home with us). 

Storm spoiled the rest of DR Who, but damn does that look like a corker. Also don't scare the Hare, a bastard mix of Portal 2 robot, gameshow and winners game from Shooting Stars, fronted by Richard O'Brien lookalike Jason Bradbury.  Was team 1 really called weegee the storm started so it fucked it all up.

Eggsta sunday.

Pedham place farm. A miles parking and not enough exits makes this good only.  It makes up for its parking issues by being massive in size. 

This wasn't our first choice but hell did it throw up some weird stuff.   Someone was punting a Size 16 S+M outfit with vibrating nipple clamps, along with wetsuits and other diving gear.  Yeah really, that has to be the most fucked up thing I've seen in ages.  Also being punted was some German VCS games in black labels, they had Snail against Squirrel , whose blurb here makes it sound the most perverse thing ever. 

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