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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Raum 102

We'll not lie to you this is going to be yet another round up of tat.  One in which we break the holy grail (mentioning work).

A trip up town finally, got us a play on an actual 3DS.  All I can say is this, the 3D does work and yes there is a slider to make it more 3D or less.  To be honest all we played so far is Pilotwings in 3D, a nice little tech demo in which you use the flimsy Analogue stick to fly a plane around a town looking for rings to fly through.  The 3D bit makes it look like you are seeing right into the middle distance which is nice.  Other stuff noticed is that when you crash your pilot parachutes out of your compromised biplane.  Apart from that and the fact that the cunts have region locked it (inexcusable for any console let alone a handheld) its not a bad piece of kit.  Also my eyes did feel a bit funny afterwards though that could be due to an early start also.

Work features in an advert.

According to a workmate they have a new Virgin Holidays advert for Jamaica filmed around work.  Now don't get your hopes up, we do NOT work in Jamaica, the ad was filmed around here.  A guy came up to us while working and said that they were filming (we didn't ask what) and would his car be OK (yeah we have no clamping here.)  I haven't seen the ad but in true Amazon reviewer tradition its the most excellentist thing ever.

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