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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Saaay Gahhh.

Scanned badly for your convenience.
God where to start on this, yeah we know its a horrific scan, get over it.  This weird young / old guy's foot is supposed to say Kick A(rse) but it got sheared off in the scanner.  Judging by the foot he's either smashed through a plaster or dare I say it a wall made entirely of cardboard.   All to make wildly implausible claims about some dodgy peripherals, from STD.

Coupled with his strange outfit of green jacket, blue baseball cap and rubbish armband, makes him look like an irate leprechaun, than a typical nineties youngster.

STD of course changed their name from an acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease to the more radder InterAct, and released the gameshark line of game enhancers for which they are to be applauded.  Sega of course had millions of ads out at the time proclaiming to do what Nintendon't.   Largely bombast and bullshit, though to be fair it would be ages before Sega itself caved in and allowed their games on Nintendo consoles.

Thanks to pirates, you can play a ropey version of Super Marioworld on your Megadrive (or Genesis if retarded) and even Super Mario Bros via Emulation (though SMB is actually homebrew).

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