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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Boxing Day.

Todays awardoriffic round up is.

Music of the year.  We listen to a shed load of stuff every day, whether its unwinding after a hard days work or via the radio or online.  The following stream of consciousness is what I consider the best of 2010.

Best KFC Advert that never was.  Cee Lo Green FUCK YOU.
Come on who remembers the old soul tracks that they used to play out over KFC ads about 5 years back, they got into trouble by singing with their mouths full and people thought they were mocking Spaztards.  Well good news it seems that this sort of soul is back and its probably the commercial hit of the year.  Get the one that says fuck you as forget you is for pansies.

DUBSTEP track of the year.  Katy B Katy B On a Mission.
Because its not only haunting but it can be mixed with the Nitro Deluxe track of the same name for retro goodness, especially if you snag the acapella thats on Youtube.

ACID track of the year.  Jared Wilson. Drug Related Stories. Smocid Edit.
Though it can't surpass the original from 2007, this is a pretty bang up old skool acid track.  He also released a non acid set of tracks check out Night Sky JPG From the rise of the machines EP vol 1

METAL of the year.  Merzbow Yurikamone.
We know this as a black headed gull in English, anyway this isn't your daddy's noise, but a proper noise metal track. Proper metal guitars and white noise, and best of all a drum that is simply there as noise rather than beats.

R+B of the year.  Neyo VS Nightwriters Let the monster use you.
The original Beautiful monster was a channelling of Josh Wink style acid with Neyo's old school lyrics.  This is probably the best I've made ever made.  We stripped out the acapella from youtube and added it to the dub version of Nightwriters Let the music use you.   With a lot of sweat and tears it improves the original 10 fold.

Best Techno.  Model500 OFI Huesca.
Even a misfiring Model 500 is still better than 75% of everything ever.

Best 6 seconds of the year.  N-Dubz Girls
Of the intro and that is all you need, the rest is pure shite.

Best commercial pop of the year.  Lady Gaga Lovegame Brian Ice Version.
This is only available via the medium of Youtube but this bootleg of Brian Ice Talking to the night is my Italo Track of the year.

Best YTPMV.  Chriddof It Doesn't do Anything.
Hard electro beat, tough samples and, the cat solo, worth seeing as a video and as audio.

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