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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry christmas.

Just a small note saying seasons greetings and a big old merry christmas to all our loyal reader(s).

We are putting together a year review thing, you know the best of's worst of kind of thing so over the next few entries we'll rating you up good so sit tight.


Bear in mind that a: we have no current gen console aside from a DS and b: no willingness to poke about in PC gaming other than emulation.

The winner by a long chalk is Dragon Quest 9 from SQUENIX. 

For offering a tight quest, endless customisation and a witty and pun laden translation from the original Japanese.  It also gets a mention for using proper UK English and not going overboard with the accents.
The only black mark is with Nintendos stupid monged up advertising that totally played down the strengths of the game for Jedward spunking about with fans, thus putting the back up.

Runners Up, 
PANG Magical Michael, Rising Star / Mitchell Corp
Laudable reboot of Mitchells seminal balloon popper.

PCSX2 PCSX2 team.
For finally getting and proving that Playstation 2 emulation is doable on an  (un)reasonably specced machine.  Now how about putting CD support back.

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