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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hup de de ha ha Taiiito!!!!

Seriously lay off the skag.
This weeks scan is of the Taito heat wave, a load of old games from Taito, not limited to but including, Punchbag sim Sonic Blastman.  Cameltry (rebranded as On the Ball here.) and if we're being honest proto only Hit the Ice.  No in fact the only reason we have this guy here is simply the fact it looks just like he's spent most of his life mainlining heroin.

In fact having googled it, he looks just like a young Begbie from trainspotting, minus the tache but with his addiction already in place (seemingly to NES games).

 Similarily I have a major hard on for Bubble Bobble on the NES.   Bought with Xmas money from Boots when they did games as well as aftershave and cotton buds.  In fact they would set up a Megadrive booth around Christmas time and put Sonic in,  we're pretty sure it wasn't a display thing but it was probably the only Sega exposure I had while growing up. 

So Bubble Bobble then, we played it to death as a kid going so far as to make it to level 76 in one credit, (not easy, though it is generous with its lives).  In fact, and this is no boast,  looking at Twin Galaxies Rankings, my 13 year old self, would easily have made it to at least 4th place (though ironically we had no way of verifying this, then).  The NES version was easily the best I played, including the arcade via Legends PS2 compilation or the C64 version (in which it looked like Bub had his neck wrung).  The main reason was lives you got extra at 30,000, 100,000, 200,000 and 400,000 and through extend making it very generous to lame fisted players like myself. 

Sadly making it to level 20 in the NES version would not open the magic door, as in the arcade version, nor were there codes to get permanent stuff or unlock things.  The only thing it had was passwords that let you jump ahead to the boss screen, that in the Disk System original allowed you to save to disk (we'll bore you another time with differences between the two), and stealing lives with select and start.

 Bubble Bobble NES remains special to me as it allowed me to dominate it rather than me like most of my C64 collection.

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