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Sunday, 19 December 2010


We've recently been messing about with Engrish friendly PC Engine emulator Ootake seeing as I've always had a curiosity about the system.  The PC Engine or to give it its full American name of Turbografix 16 was one of the consoles they had on show at Trading World in Bexleyheath (now Primark), I remember them showing Marchenland and maybe Cyberlip for NEO-GEO as well as a few NES and SNES games.  

Playing around with Ootake, on a few games I own versions of  (Parasol Stars (NES) and  Pac Land (C64)) I've come to like the little guy.  Maybe because of crack cocaine use or maybe a bad rom dump the PC Engine version of Pac Land is really odd. 

Instead of using the D pad to control Pac Man it simply makes him jump whereas the regular buttons move him either left or right.  Its really messed up and bears all the hall marks that Cave would use some 20 years later for its Loli Horror style Shmup, Deathsmiles.  One button simply switches your position onscreen to face either left or right.  So its the same for Pac Land but much, much more awkwardly done.  We hope this is simply a bad rom dump (all I've found online are) but if it was intentionally programmed like this then man Namco have balls of steel.

Cue Duo Industries AD.

From the We've got a warehouse full pile.

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