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Sunday, 8 January 2017

To Love.

We now have Steam, you know the PC discount prog thing that lets you buy PC games.  Was going to get a few things like Vegas again but it seems like its full price now, I'm getting pissed off with Hit Film Expresses limitations so will be looking for a cheap home version of Vegas Movie Studio.  So far picked up Shadowverse on the excellent Kimimi's suggestion.  It's alright I suppose, its like an Anime Magic The Gathering and I don't really care about MTG at all, could have got it for the phone but it has bugger all space left. Android how about you let us install everything to SD card instead of internal storage.

So far we are stuck at El Ciclo in DQ7 due to some timewarp dungeon and Groundhog Day shenaningans wrought through the clock tower and its portal, but apart from that I've been playing Dungeon Travelers 2 for PS Vita. 

If you like fan service and Dungeon crawling then you'll be in seventh heaven here.  Hell its not like there isn't a shortage of Japanese RPGs on the Vita already but this is one of the best.  Based around a sealing team made up of lightweight, do nothing boss Fried (pronounced Freed) and a team of girls that make up your suppression team.  So far we have ginger warrior type Arisia and a black haired mage called Melky.  Completing this line up is the bird from the shop, a maid and a cursed girl with a shed load of problems. 

Part or Leaf's pervy To Heart Visual Novels for PC, you can see *tit or panty shots of nearly all the girls and bosses in this as everything in this, monster or player character, is female. Well nearly there are a few Therian's in this that aren't, they are Ramen selling Bears, Quest giving Sheep, and a penguin with an ice cream stall.  My favourite has to be a bear done up as Daffyd from Little Britain that runs the shop once when the previous owner joins your team.
Big Gay Beard
The constant crawling is starting to grate at  the moment, but more progression and I've finally opened up class choices for Arissa and Melky so naturally I've gone with berserker and Healer classes.  A solid 8 out of ten and if ever a fan translation pops up of the original, rest assured I'll be on it like a shot.

*but no nipples sadly. 

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