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Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year.

Still  getting a shed load of spam, here something I've never gotten before, mainly pron and gift card / iphone spam fuckers.

Anyway happy new year to all my readers and that, here is the traditional missed and flipped articles.

Kanye West Pissing over Mysteries of Love.
Do you hate Kanye West or to give him his full name that cunt Kanye West then his tiresome crate digging exercise fucked over Fingers Inc Mysteries Of Love and Harddrive Deep Inside for his shitty ego tripping. Aquaman's best friend indeed.

Matt Whitehead. Bombing EP. 
Not only for bringing back 80's electro on We're Bombing but some excellent acid on the a side as well.  Its been a really good year for acid house, despite losing Spanky and Andreas Gehm so as I've long said before this is a tribute.

Nina Kraviz Fabric 91.
Crate digging techno mix for the troubled club and a belter.  Its got unreleased stuff but isn't hung up on that like it can be and some obscurities but gels together rather well.  Can't wait to see what they'll do for Fabric 100.

Aphex Twin Cheetah.

A new Aphex Release that isn't too bad not Syro bad but with a few great tracks and best of all relegating the video to an Irish fan to basically film him and his mates dancing about.  Based on a drum machine produced by a joystick manufacturer. 


A few good ones such as the Clearscore ad and the Beagle street ad that is mostly about destroying trousers.  The continued pox of Money Supermarket and House of Fraser continues.  And some xmas whimsy from Waitrose with their strange migrating robin advert.

YTP of the year.

Youtube has nixed its supremely helpful all list for a horrible trending that hosts nothing but vile trash from vloggers so all I can remember here is some new CS188 stuff and the septic foundary poops.  No Michael Rosen (though Bear Hunt was on over Christmas) and I've been mostly watching Drew Pickles goes to videos.  Did have Speakonia on the old PC but genuinely enjoy some of the retarded antics of the worlds gayest man.

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