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Sunday, 5 February 2017

We wuz Kangz.

A junk tour to Croydon and to see if they would have the Final rework of Shin Megami Tensei 4 as there is quite a few indie shops there and its on a physical cart here whereas the original was Eshop only.  Sadly though I've had no such luck there, although they had a wall of Speccy and C64 games in Playnation (Beebul cassette anyone?) 

Came out and they had the Dualers playing some reggae music down by what used to be Allders (rather nice too) and it all went downhill after that.  Croydon is largely terrible for junk touring as there are few charity shops and its a rabid UKIP base which isn't even the worst thing about it.  Croydon is sadly infested with weirdo christians, due to a high ethnic population I've seen so many of them out on the street from full choirs to a few Gurkha's playing a guitar like last time. 

This time I found something that takes the cake, a full pamphlet on Afrocentrism or as you might know it We Wuz Kangz and sheit.

Seriously in Poundland there were a few leaflets laying around saying that Jesus was black and the lost tribes of Israel was black or native American. I'm no racist in fact I'm a fully paid up fence sitting Liberal but this type of nonsense does no one any good. Of course Jesus wasn't white, if he actually existed he'd have Jewish or Arabic features as befits those from the middle east.  He would and I repeat not look like Morgan Freeman on crack, like he did there.   Also relying on the Bible for evidence is retarded.  A distillation from numerous sources codified as whole in the 4th century from a variety of now long dead Christian sects and movements good luck with that.

And none of them mention race or native fucking Americans as half of the lost tribes of Israel. 

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