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Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Mickey Mouse presidency.

God emperor Trump is now president and everyone is losing their shit and virtue signalling like a bastard.  We get it he's a dunce, a blowhard, a jerkwad and a boor.  He sad bad things about wimmins and immigrants, and wants to make America Grate Again.  To be honest I don't even like the guy and I'm siding with him simply for all the weirdos and anti fascist pillocks that seem to be against him.

The worst thing is that I genuinely hate the racists as well, they aren't my kind of people. Even though the worst thing is that there is no outraged middle ground.  Maybe a Father Ted style down with this sort of thing would do.
The moaning goes on and on about the inauguration, about the crowds, about the policies.  I fully expected a jug band or an old man playing the spoons on the actual day instead we have a clip of him singing my way with Melania.

Twitter, that big salt mine online is particularly insufferable, with every virtue signalling bastard squeaking their brains about the inauguration.  So much so its almost painful to wade through each and every bastard post on it and that's both sides of the political divide as well.

In brighter news I've came across my first ever videogame Atheist, in Dungeon Traveler 2.  We finally cleared the Piertan tower dungeon and have rocked up at a church out of town.  There is a small girl in the bushes called Lize.  She outright mocks the benevolent god and donation spiel of her older sister Fiora and says out right that there really isn't a god.  Having a look she seems to be a playable character which means she could be an asset to the team.  I'm guessing Spieler class as she carries around a stuffed penguin.

More worryingly she's 12 and as everyone has some semi nude artwork of them here, this has to potential to be super creepy. 

Edit, yup proper bent ref territory, guess this was one of the censored ones Atlus did.

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