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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Then and now. Anatomy of a Clickbait article.

Been looking at clickbait on Metro again.  I'm supposed to be reading Gamecentral but at the end of the article there are always links off that say one of three things.
Gifs that are distracting as fuck, check.

30% of Britons do not know they have PPI (which I automatically read as please fuck off and die horribly)
His bollocks fell off in the street, what happened next will leave you speechless.
15 Life hacks that are so US specific you really wonder why they're included here.

There is a fourth type though that basically boils down to, star you used to like in a show from way back now looks different now (older and stranger normally or in child star cases, merely grown up).

I normally don't bother with those preferring my clickbait to be about Twitter hissy fits over trivial issues in Television from the professionally aggrieved, and Tumblr Whales.

Pro tip, in an article, if anyone calls black people POCs you know they don't have shit worth saying. There is a difference between being polite and not being racist and just being a PC asshole.

Anyway back to the clickbait.

I've decided to put together a sort of article based on trope number four, but with a NSFW twist.

I call it  These are the girls of Charmed and this is what their tits look like.  So if you want the bloke who went on to star in Nip/Tuck or Brian Krause in the buff ladies and gentlemen you'll have to search elsewhere for that.

First up you may remember Charmed as part of  Channel 5's early evening line up when it first started.  A show about 3 witches living in an old house with boyfriend troubles and a cat if I remember rightly.  Guys only really watched it because they were hot and women because of the drama.  It weren't bad but some episodes where akin to having you cock removed and being beaten to death by feminists with it, thanks to it being skewed toward women viewers.   Also bastard Morrisey on the theme tune heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Also another thing that bugged me was White Lighters Piper's holier than thou boyfriends job.  I guess they couldn't call him an angel because of Middle America. Anyway you came for tits and tits you shall have

Shannen Doherty

Holly Marie Combs (My Favourite)
Alyssa Milano.
Rose McGowan

Sorry for turning this into the Daily Sport, normal service will be resumed next week.

Edit typos and Rose McGowan now shows up instead of links.

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