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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Brexit. Round Up.

Here are a Round up of a few things that have been bugging me of late.


I'm not going into the whole leave the EU stay in the EU debate and there has been a lot of scaremongering going on about this. If you don't know, David Hameron has most graciously given us a vote on if we want to leave the European Union or not.  I personally would want to leave as I still cling to the ideals of a British (NOT Brittas) Empire ruling the world regardless of Boris Godwinning the whole thing.  The weird thing is I've yet to see a single stall saying we should get out rather than the usual stay in brigade.  What I like to do is read both sides and see what I side with before going out. Its what I did for the mayoral elections but seems that I won't be doing it in this case.

Snoopy no Otsukai Translated.

Good lord, this is actually done now can remember recommending this for translation on RHDN years back.  This is a late era Gameboy game in which Snoopy has to run errands for Charlie Brown.  Its Isometric in style and you have to place arrows to lead him into shops to get various stuff for people (hence the translated title Snoopy's Early Errands).  The patch was done by Zynk Oxhide who's done a good job on this.  Also running this in BGB it seems it had Super Gameboy support as well, as you get a nice colour border with it, which is nice.


The UK came second last in the latest Eurovision song contest.  We deserved to lose thanks to the weak sauce boy band bender song we put out.  I didn't watch it of course as its not my cup of tea but I did however watch Pointless Eurovision special.  Apart from Cheryl Baker I knew none of the other contestants, I'm guessing this is what an all techno episode would be like to the general public.  It was won by a plastic looking chap and a ginger lady who called themselves Scooch and runners up were an Irish couple and two blonde birds who could pass for porn stars (Fucks Bizz?).  Cheryl and Bucks Fizz went out first, (incidentally who remembers Eggs and Baker the short lived cookery programme she did) leaving me scratching my head over dinner just who the rest of them were.

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