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Sunday, 27 March 2016

More on Legend of Legacy

Happy Easter everyone, hope you had a lots of chocolate and not succumbed to the usual jesus bullshit that this time of year brings.  I'm a strict bunny and chick person no god here.

Anyway the heading promised more on Legend Of Legacy and i'll also talk more on an old PC I'm trying to resurrect.

Legend of Legacy actually has quite a few things in it not well explained, another legacy of its SaGa roots.  Magic can be awakened as well as skills kind of like the light bulb moment from the original SaGa.  I've only got this once so far and it sort of makes it permanent, so you don't need spirits to power it.  Another thing is running away what I call Benny Hilling, enemies will chase you and you can end up with a few following sort of like the old sketch but minus Yakety Sax playing in the background.

Its a real pain updating drivers, most of the driver updaters are actually pretty horrible and the driver sites out there are hardly any better. Most will download a malware ridden installer or offer a horrible driver checking experience.  Tweaking Hardware do a good offline checker that you can use to see whats installed and whats required to get it working so far I've managed to update the soundcard drivers for an old PC and get sound working but apart from that nothing.  We have an old Buffalo Wireless G Airstation dongle that really needs some drivers that aren't for XP but have no luck.  We want them for win 7 but no one seems to support them at all. 

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