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Sunday, 6 March 2016

A few rants and that.

Terra Battle first up.

Had to reinstall this from scratch as the latest update would not download and would just cycle through endless downloading and Google play error codes.  To add much more to the whole pain of it all I forgot my migration password and that so its effectively a reinstall from scratch.  We had to install from an APK in the end as Google Play were being extremely cunty and not letting us download it again.  From the top of my head we had quite a lot of good characters, Kuscah and Lucia at LV35 and a couple of stonefolk Mages as my stand out characters also Echo from a FF promotion they ran. Ochu as a companion and a fuck load of metal Minions yeah I'm not bitter, but its a big kick in the knackers that's all.

This run I'm down to level 3-4 already and have Grace as my main starting character which I've read isn't half bad actually, something to do with dragon killing which makes optional bosses much easier. Also I've taken a screenshot of my login and password so this time I can transfer it over if need be.

So much wrong.
Scan of the week returns.

Who ordered a bizarre feminist tract... anyone?  Didn't think so.  Normally I find Africa Church leaflet, these are usually a mix of Gospel Choirs, abundance prayer whoring and obscure Bible notation worked into a theme such as men of Iron.

There are all the usual feminist tropes here including the "wage gap", rape reporting (Raw data here if you want it) and blaming the credit crunch for gender related redundancies (I think you'll find its everyone being laid off).

Where are all the Feminists.  I'll tell you where, moaning about manspreading and mansplaining on twitter and other inconsequential bollocks.  Its bickering about First world problems of little matter, when it should have to paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys, gone east and added some much needed equality to the middle east and southern Asia.

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