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Sunday, 3 April 2016

R.I.P. Ronnie Corbett

Really sad news, we lost Little Ron aka Ronnie Corbett during the week.  For those of you unaware of who he was, he was a giant of British comedy despite being only 5 foot nothing. Known for being part of the Two Ronnies comedy act, but he did other stuff such as the sitcom Sorry with its surprisingly nice theme tune and the fuck awful Ronnies Animal Crackers with its associated oddballs and that. 

I will not give the usual life eulogy but instead give you a virtual two Ronnies show as a tribute instead.

It's a masterpiece of a sketch show with Big Ronnie doing the puns and word play and Little Ron doing his famous in the chair Monologue which was boss. We don't get its like anymore as we have piss awful stuff such as Citizen Khan around now.

The running order
After the opening credits they would always open with some News Stories, and indeed finish with a few late items of news too.  A chance to get some good word play in

Then it would be a  pre recorded sketch with Big Ron pulling an absolute masterclass in puns and worldplay before it shifted on to something like the Swedish Pronunciation sketch or the Yokels which were always nice. Failing that it would either be a doctors office sketch or a bit in a Gentleman's club (think golf club for old bores and you'll be halfway there)

Some music is always nice and they would have a singer such as the Lovely Barbara Dickson or Inane Paige singing a song.  This was always an excuse to put the kettle on as it wasn't that great and would go on for a while.

Next would be the serial such a the Worm that Turned or The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town written by Spike Milligan. 

After that you would have another sketch of either a party or one set in a bar we give you the classic name droppers here which shows Little Ron at his best.  He always played these sorts of characters that seemed to wind up Ronnie Barker and its fun to see them play off against the other.

About this time we would have a monologue from Ronnie C.  These were his forte and were always worth a look if only for the amount self deprecatory humour here.

Finally there would be a big musical number.  Often they would be in drag for this and with little time to rehearse it always came off impeccably.  I'll give you the Plumstead Ladies choir as its one of the best, taking in some comic opera and light drama as well as more puns.  Before having time for a few late items of news.

Sort of like this.

We've just heard that Male Feminist Jonathan McIntosh has been arrested by Toronto Police after staging a nude protest in solidarity of women's rights. After a short chase  through the streets he crashed into a parking barrier where he checked his own privilege. (Sad to say I made that up)

I can remember a Viz take on the Two Ron's where they were reunited in Heaven, doing the infamous Fork Handles Four Candles sketch.  Big Ron was asking for "a low grade polish" but of cause meaning Halo Grade Polish, poignant and funny at the same time.

Its goodnight from him and its goodnight from me. Farewell Ronnie C.

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