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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Legend of Legacy Review.

A trip to Croydon and I've finally snagged this in the wild which is proving to be quite a nice little RPG, like every RPG on the 3DS its produced in minimal numbers so even if its not your thing its probably going to be a collectors piece especially the EU version.  Anyway on with the review.

Its, as I've mentioned, an RPG in the style of the SaGa games, notably the first SaGa Frontier for Playstation as both gave you a choice of 8 protagonists to play through.  It has a few bits and pieces in common with SaGa as well in its choices of stats and stuff, also in its difficulty too as its bastard hard.

You do not get LP like you would in SaGa but you have a max HP score instead and if you get knocked out then it gets reduced by an amount.  You can be revived by cure spells but unless you escape and go back to town your Max HP will not increase.  You don't get WP or JP here but SP instead which are used to power your weapon specific skills.  SaGa fans will be pleased to know that you can awaken and learn various skills in battle just as you would a normal SaGa game and I'm guessing that the spirit skills will yield up magic and stuff though I haven't sparked that yet.

I don't really know the names of any of the characters except my own which is called Liber and is a treasure hunter kid. His scene opens with him eating a whole bunch of stuff while a pal relates to him the story of the Star Graal and the newly arisen island of Avalon.  So far my party consists of healer woman (Eloise) who is genuinely useful (no really she's the only one who can heal at present) and knight guy (Meurs not to be confused with Ollie) who's handy with a shield, there is also a frog prince (Filmia) with a neat line in spear skills.

The main town of Avalon is also the only town, being as it is a gateway to the frontier.  After all cut scenes are through, you are dumped into a forest outside town with various shadowy things and a brief to complete the map and find stuff.  Soon you come to a scene where you can take a few exits and look at a few things in the landscape. We came to a rock that sparked a boss battle which we barely won against a giant bird, bosses here are tough, we are currently pushing our luck with a bastard of an elemental boss to the right of the main map and running from battle will only send you back to the entrance which is cool but annoying at the same time.

When completed the map can be sold on for cash much more than you'd get in battle.

With the elementals freed we can add water to some attacks which boil down to a minimal regen effect at the end of each round.  Sometimes you'll level up an old skill which is cool or awaken an old one as I've mentioned also you'll get stat boosts at the end of the round  and rarely an item or gold (st).

The graphics remind me of SaGa Frontier 2, they're 3D though but still have that nice pastel vibrancy that SaGa Frontier 2 is known for. Music seems nice and there is some speech to it but mostly I've been playing in a place with a lot of noise so not noticing much.

At present its a solid 7/10 from me.
Atlus / FuRyu main site here

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