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Sunday, 28 February 2016

New 3DS.

We've finally gone and done it and updated from our much beloved  DS Lite to a brand New 3DS.  It was going cheap in Cash Generator (£90) and as an early birthday present decided to snap it up at that price.

Was still shivery for a good hour later as its a lot for me to just buy stuff like that as its way out of my comfort zone, but it feels good to finally be part of this generation now.  First of all we have a generic charger bundled with it that does DS / PSP and DSi onwards.  What I didn't know was that they redesigned the charger port for DSi onwards so those with lite or the old fat DS's are out of luck when it comes to charging.

Secondly we decided to give it a test out of my old DS games, starting with Castelvania Portrait Of Ruin and working through various imports up until we tried our R4 to see if it would play Etrian Odyssey 3 or Pokemon Silver from the flash card and we got nowhere, which to be honest is to be expected.

Firmware is quite nice with a PSP style home button and 3d which gives me no problems but is switched off due to battery consumption.  I even went as far as making a Mii version of myself although I can't see myself adding it to anything.  Face raiders is horrifying as it ignored my mouth and proceeded to put another one in my chin, so I effectively shot at 2 mouthed freaks.

Finally we have Bravely Default 2 today which is really nice and feels like something that should be on a major console like a PS3 or 4.  You can use the analogue sticks to move in and the d pad to navigate the main menus.  Cart itself is white with an extra tab to prevent confusion with old DS games but so far, yeah this is nice, could do with the region locking being disabled which is still disgraceful for a handheld console but it gets my thumbs up so far.

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