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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Update time is here again.

A few updates on old stories and things, including a few things to read before you die. First of all a round up.

PS Vita Piracy is a thing now?

Read this on Wololo last week but as I was writing about the Chinese New Year then I plumb forgot about it.  Apparently there is a pirate version of  Uncharted for Vita that has been released now.  There are no flash cards or Emulators available at present to take advantage of this but its a start (). Maybe in 2020 they'll be a working Vita Emulator complete with romhacking scene to take advantage of all the pirates work and that but at present its a nice thing to have. Maybe there will be a game exploit like Locoroco was for PSP that will give an exploit for full access, or a way to back up games that you own to prevent them getting lost and that. 

Super Famicom.

They have in one of those Mobile Phone / game shops a Super Famicom for sale and its not cheap.  They want £220 for it and it comes with a bizarre selection of carts with it.  There is Game of Life, a few horse racing games including Derby Stallion 96 complete with bizarre cart that is Satellaview compatible and Dragon Quest V. They also have D Force a sub par shmup from Asmik Ace which at least requires minimal Japanese knowledge to enjoy unlike the others for sale.

Windows 7.

I finally got something working on the old Sony TVPC. Was going to go with linux but in the end as it came out garbled to fuck, decided to upgrade to windows 7 via an iso. file on an old Hard Drive.  It has a pirate key on it and to be honest its not going on line ever but its coping well so far.  We added tweaking hardware which I've found invaluable for sorting out old drivers to installed hardware, and Service Pack 1 via usb key.  Its at its max of 1GB of ram and still looks like hell though but at least its current now.

Finally you'll have a few things that I've found interesting over the past week or so.

Want to read up on the original version of Star wars and how a group of fans are remastering it from original 35mm prints, then click here.

EPSXE have a new version of their PS1 Emulator out, I spent a good hour dicking about with all the settings trying to get Magical Drop 3 to work before I learned I was trying to run an iso. file as a CD doh.  On better news they fixed the annoying cursor control issue for Pro Pinball the Fantastic Voyage which is a minor miracle, anyway that link is here.

Oh and finally PPSSPP the nice PSP emulator has also been updated as well.  You can bag that here.

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