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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Vita(lly) Important

An early birthday present to myself is an upgrade from my much abused PSP (no battery, custom firmware, mains operated) to a shiny used Vita.  First impressions is that its a neat bit of kit and that Sony do not know what to do with it.  For me its a chance to play a few of the later Disgaea games which were PS3 only at present and also gives me another chance to run the Vita loser picture from their promo magazine.

I haz a life honest.

Also as it seems all the best stuff is the downloadable stuff from the PSN store am actually wrestling with the fact of embracing a PSN account. They do top up cards for credit and think at one time it was free sign up with no subscription, though that could have gone by the wayside, we fancy some TXK action and maybe some DLC for Afternoon of Darkness thanks to all the downloads I found of it not running on my PSP.

They bundled with us a nice custom memory card, that reminds me of a M2 card you got in certain old Mobiles (quick look online, its the exact same thing), which really should be a Micro SD slot.  Its a bit thicker and wider than Micro SD, and crucially much more expensive, I suspect they'll be a hack to Micro SD cards in sooner or later.  Even worse they bundled it with some sports games via a scratch of code to download from PSN. I hate sport in nearly all its forms and they have golf and racing including Gran Turismo PSP and Wipeout Future (I have the soundtrack for this and never cared about the game even though it gets rave reviews) along with Motorstorm so will be looking to flog this off.  Wanted the Indie pack with its Team 17 remakes of Alien Breed & Superfrog and Hotline Miami that is the most video nastyesque game evar (sound track on this boss too).   As a bonus I got a new Game card as the old one got lost on the bus and a CEX card so can flog off old games here when my confidence spikes again.

Richie Benaud dead.

Like I say my antipathy of sport extends to most forms, I've blogged about snooker before and the masters (starts next weekend), but cricket I don't much care for.  I only mention this here because my uncle was a massive cricket fan (he moved to Oz when my aunty died to be with his family), and can remember this on his PC sometime in the mid 2000's he had a desktop version of  Richie that told the weather (and did other stuff if I remember) that you could download from Channel 4's website. So far only thing I can find about it is a sub reddit  looking for it as well.  I'll do the old joke of him having a good innings and wish him well.

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