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Sunday, 19 April 2015

PSN and You.

Further adventures in stupidity would be the better question here, not only have I got a brand new charger out of this thanks to the one bundled with it being broken as hell, but have against my better judgement signed up for a PSN account.  I don't have a regular subscription as yet, as there is no way in hell I'm going to register my bank card with them due to Sony's past track record of being hacked.   I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to gaming, being a resolute offline gamer, don't like MMO's or Call Of Duty bullshit (played the Facebook incarnation of Maple Story ages ago shock horror it was terrible) so forgive me if I'm behind the times.

The point of this awkward rambling is this, we did a search for some Disgaea 2 DLC on the Playstation plus store with no luck. I had it downloaded from a number of places that had 'archived' some DLC outside of the PSN but couldn't get my legitimate backed up Disgaea 2 to recognise it, so I decided to do it legit for once and use the PSN to download it to PC and transfer it across to memory card, but apart from a load of stuff that is of fuck all use (extra costumes you pay for that can GTFF) its not up there (or not that I can see, I am noticeably bad about looking for stuff like this).  

Thing is I wouldn't have to pirate if it wasn't deleted and when I do all I get is the U.S version that never works here, I haven't found an EU version that works sadly. I don't know if the Vita can be done the same way and by that I mean transfer stuff from PC to a card or via a cable, not rampant piracy, though god dammit it does need a kick up the arse somehow.  

I don't have Wi-fi as my connection is wired, I know its kinda old fashioned and that but I don't play on line, like I said and get some pretty good speeds as I don't have a myriad devices leaching off it to support (also on fibre optic which is fast). Have to look into this to see what is required of me to get stuff onto and off of my Vita, maybe some of my old PSP games from the Hard Drive / memory card though I doubt that would work.

I'll leave you with this on the impermanence of things from the eminently readable EFF.ORG about how making a proxy server to preserve MMO's was recently shot down by the DMCA.

EDIT: You can buy PSN cards from Wilkinsons though they tend to be high value cards, Game may have them too as well as stuff on card to download.  Non UK residents can erm talk amongst yourselves for a bit.

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